Play Demo on PC: Using key 1-4 for each color (files download below).

New(16-11): playing via streming Youtube

Link soundfont SF2: Full Grand Piano:

New(31-10): playing Midi file(still some bug)

Can playing with data from Cytoid. Can visit Cytoid page here:

download beatmaps from there and extract zip, then moving this folder to Cytoid in "StreamingAssets" from game path, now can playing it ^ ^

***Edit: Just moving beatmaps to folder have game, Ex: moving to folder "Own_last_Update_11-09-2017" after extract game, it will auto import new beatmaps to game.

Add feature change scroll speed(BPM) while playing.

Now can support file types: mp3

Improve sound analyzer in The Own, catch stand-alone notes in piano solo better!

Relaxing with the music files on your mobile device! 

This application will be accessing to SD card on your mobile devices! In this app, doesn't contain any music except the background music!

You can be enjoyed this rhythm game with your own music library on your mobile devices.

This game has 2 modes:

- In the Libray: Have data notes were sync with the songs. If you have music files on your device, can choose and enjoy it.

- In the Own: Choose any song on your device and play it. The notes will auto generate while playing, but not sync perfectly with the song! You can play it slowly and relax!

Trying to hit more the notes, this will increase your heart to continue to play!

List songs will sync, be updating (updating weekly on google sheet)

When I completed my favorite list, if you have any favorite song, can message or comment on there if a song easy to listen and have time, I will sync it for you and update it! ( if it's a piano or anime OST theme song, Wellcome ^ ^ )


Song in GerenalSync Completed
Julie Maxwells - Cerberus Fossae (Piano)Yes
I'll Wait For You - Michael Learns To RockYes
Hello Vietnam - Quỳnh AnhYes
Happy End - Back NumberYes
Cớ Sao Giờ Lại Chia Xa - Bích PhươngYes
Butter-Fly - Kouji WadaYes
The Strange Drama-Gosenfu No Drama-ChitoseYes
Country Road - Ghibli PianoYes


Thanks Julie Maxwell for making the pretty background music!
Track: 招待 (Invitation) 

Thanks all for making icons used in the game!
Made by Made
Daniel Bruce
Scott de Jonge
Dave Gandy
Cole Bemis
Benz Lee
McDo Design (Susumu Yoshida)

Thanks Yasirkula, Wave, Setchi, Guts, Oliver Eberlei, Hideo for supporting to complete this app and natsupy for making notes. 
Thanks to all the artists for making the beautiful songs!

Plan in processing:

  • Add long note bezier.
  • Can import beatmap outside like Osu.
  • Edit and create beatmap in runtime.

Maow Cooking Rhythm

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Published Apr 22, 2017
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
TagsMusic, Rhythm


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